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In this article you will find an explanation of how to configure your campaign Widget

In order to configure your Widget, the first thing you will have to do is access your campaign> Configuration (Two Wheels Icon)> Widget.

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The fields to fill in for the Widget configuration are different depending on whether the campaign is a donation form or a crowdfunding campaign.

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  1.  Widget image.
  2.  Type of Widget: This drop-down does not exist for permanent donation campaigns (form). In the case of donation crowdfunding campaigns, we will have to choose whether we will use our Widget for the campaign or for the pre-campaign. For campaigns
  3.  Format of the Widget: There are 4 formats with different sizes to choose from:
  • 320 x 320. In this format the image dimensions would be 90 x 90
  • 60 x 626. The image would have dimensions of 360 x 207
  • 650 x 440 with an image of dimensions 650 x 221
  • 980 x 440. In this case the image dimensions would be 553 x 400

    4. Theme color: this color will define the color of the "Donate" button.

    5. URL for call to action: in this field we must enter the url of our campaign. If you don't have a url yet, you can enter the provisional Stockcrowd url that you can copy from your campaign display by choosing the correct template. If you have questions about how to do it, take a look at this article ?.

    6. Message text

    7. Options to choose: these options to choose are different for crowdfunding campaigns and for forms.


  • The symbols of the flags that allow internationalization of fields will not appear until the Widget is created.
  • If we configure the Widget before the campaign is active, it will not be visible and an error will appear. But as soon as the campaign is activated, the Widget will be perfectly visible.
  • Once the widget is configured, the html embed codes will appear on the right.

Check here how could looks like> https://wptest.stockcrowd.com/45-2/

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