What do I need to have ready to launch my campaign?

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Make a brief review of the important points that you must have ready before launching your campaign

Before launching a campaign, you must have different points ready and configured correctly in the BackOffice. We help you to do a review:

☑ Content: All the content of the campaign must be ready before launching it. Make sure that the texts and images are the desired ones, and if you have more than one language, that the translations are done in all the fields of the campaign.

☑ Form and donor data: It is important to be clear about what data we want to collect from our donors and what type of donations we will accept in our campaign. For this it is important to have carefully read the different options that our form shows, such as different types of data records (whether simple or extended), extra fields that we want to add, customization of the amounts or the possibility of admitting periodic donations and / or punctual. We must configure all this from the Form section. We leave you here a help link.

☑ Donation certificates: (not applicable if your will use our GIFT AID Functionality) In the case of issuing donation certificates through the Stockrowd software, we must have configured them before in the BackOffice. 

☑ Payment gateways: Unless your campaign is a signature collection campaign, you must have at least one payment gateway configured. Check what keys or data you need to configure each one of them, within Configuration> Payment Gateways. You can consult more information in this article.

Tracking codes: If you are going to use a tracking code, it must be configured in the BackOffice before loading the campaign html to its final url. If you have questions about how to configure them, take a look at the following article.

☑ Share on social networks: You can configure Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp buttons that will be located below your Donate button, to offer the donor the possibility of sharing on their social networks. This option offers greater visibility of your campaign and will help you increase your chances of collection.

☑ Thank you message and email account: Every time a donor makes a donation to your campaign, they will receive a standard thank you email with the details of their donation. This text is customizable. You can send your text to the Onboarding team and we will customize it for you.

In addition, you can configure your messages so that these emails are sent from your email account and not from Stockcrowd.

☑ Domain or subdomain of my campaign: Before launching your campaign you must be clear about where your campaign will live. The campaign url is fully customizable and Stockcrowd offers you several possibilities:

- You can take the campaign html and host it in a domain or subdomain on your servers.

- Hosting in Stockcrowd: you can create a domain or subdomain pointing to our servers and we will take care of uploading the campaign html.

You can get more information about both options in the following article.

If you have arrived here and you have all the previous points configured, you are ready to launch your campaign.

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