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Last Updated: 10 months ago

The StockCrowd platform is prepared so that you can enter your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager code to better track the behavior of your donors in your campaign.

  1.  Where to enter the codes within the BackOffice?

To enter the codes you must access your campaign> CONFIGURATION> Tracking Codes.

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Once here you must enter your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager code.

The code to be entered should not be the complete code snippet but simply the tracking ID. Example: UA-xxxxxxxx-x or GTM-xxxxxxx.

How do you know whether to use your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager?

The choice of your tracking code will depend on how you use other platforms to promote your campaign. For example, if you plan to make ads with Facebook Ads (or Google Ads, Youtube Ads..) it will be more appropriate to use Google Tag Manager to be able to configure the activity of your online advertising in the campaign from GTM.

If you do not intend to derive resources to Digital Marketing, you do not need to choose Google Tag Manager, with Google Analytics it would be enough.

What can you track in StockCrowd campaigns?

In the Stockcrowd platform there are a series of pre-configured data layers that allow you to launch events with Google Tag Manager to see the behavior of your donors. Here we leave you a complete guide of all the events that you can configure.

How do I check that the codes are applied correctly?

Once the tracking codes have been applied, as explained above, you can check if they are working by installing the Google Chrome extension of Google Tag Assistant. Once installed, you enter the campaign, you click on the icon - a small window will be displayed - we click on the "Enable" button, we refresh the page and the tool will tell us what tracking codes are present and if they are working.


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