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Give your donors the possibility of sharing on their social media, and increase the diffusion and reach of your campaign

From your Stockcrowd campaigns, you can configure share buttons on your social networks. Depending on the type of campaign it is, the buttons will be displayed differently, and at different times:

Landing for donations or rewards

If your campaign is a donation or rewards landing page, the Social Media share buttons will be placed just below the donate button.


To configure the share buttons, go to Settings > Social Networks


You can set up the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

  • Facebook: you need a title, a text, and an image, which you can upload from "Campaign Gallery".
  • Twitter: A text is required. We also recommend you include the campaign URL.
  • Whatsapp: A text is required. We also recommend you include the campaign URL.

Remember: the Whatsapp button will only be visible from the mobile version of your campaign. 

3. Things to consider when setting up Social Media sharing

  • Share buttons are not available for Form campaigns.
  • Setting up share buttons for Social Media is not only recommended for reaching a greater audience, but also for informing social media users of the aims of the campaign.
  • The donation goals for sharing on social networks can be edited from the campaign HTML file itself.
  • By default, the descriptive text that will be displayed on Facebook will be the text set in the base language of the campaign.
  • For WhatsApp and Twitter, the configured text follows the chosen language, but the uploaded thumbnail carries the campaign description in the base language.
  • For a thumbnail of the campaign to load once you share it via WhatsApp, in addition to the URL in the configured text, the campaign cover image must not be larger than 300kB.
  • The configuration of Social Networks should always be done before uploading the campaign HTML to the final URL.
  • Share buttons are not available for P2P campaigns. P2P campaigns have their own share buttons and the information is taken directly from these campaigns, so there is no need to configure them, they will be available by default.


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