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The 6 types of campaigns in StockCrowd:


Donation Form:

A Donation Form is a simple form that can be used to accept one-off or recurring donation payments or to allow someone to sign up for an event 

Our software enables you to customise and configure your donation forms on your website.

Donation Landing

A Donation Landing is similar to a donation form, where you have space to share information about the campaign with text and images and encourage people to contribute, join and participate in a project, cause, etc.

Doing so helps people understand and support your cause.

Our software allows you to build personalised and integrated Donation Landings in your website and social media channels


Rewards Landing:

Reward Landings work like the Donation landing.  They allow you to add extra functionalities such as offering something in exchange for your donation (a reward) or buying a ticket as a donation.  Reward Landings are also used to create e-commerce pages, for example, if you wanted to run a gift shop from your own website.


Peer to Peer:

Peer to Peer (P2P) campaigns allow your community to raise funds on your behalf. In other words, it is a way of turning your known supporters into fundraisers.  This means your campaigns will reach more people e.g. the friends and family of your fundraiser as well as help to grow your donor database.  On your p2p campaign page, donors can set up personal or team fundraising pages. They can then ask family and friends for donations to go to your organisation.

A Peer to Peer campaign is a great way to expand your community.

They also empower donors who want to get more involved with your cause.

Project/Challenge Showcase:

A Project Showcase is a way for an organisation to present different projects or fundraising campaigns on a single page.  For example, if an organisation such as a university wishes to have one campaign for donors to fund a new science block, another to fund Research and Development projects, and a third to support student scholarships and bursaries. 

A project showcase is also great for cause-based fundraising.  For example, if an organisation wishes to launch a campaign around a single cause e.g. Dementia Research or Child Welfare,  each project could be linked to a different charity(ies) that are doing work to help this cause in different ways.

A Challenge Showcase can also be used by organisations to have different teams competing against one another such as different departments within a company competing to raise money for charity.


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