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Captura de pantalla 2021-02-22 a las 15.18.56If your campaign admits periodic donations, the data collected and the subsequent steps you can take can be done from two different sections of the software that you should know how to differentiate:  Contributions&Periodic Charges.


- Management> Contributions: Here you will find the periodic payments individually. Therefore, if you want to do some management about a specific payment, you must do it from here (return a receipt, generate the certificate for that payment, resend thank you email, generate report of those payments...)

 - Management> Periodic contributions: Here you can manage everything related to the partner itself and its subscription (generate partner report, change subscription amount or periodicities, cancel subscriptions...)

In this article we are going to show you how to manage these subscriptions from the Periodical Contributions area.


1. Presentation of the Dashboard

Once inside regular contributions, you can see a quick presentation of all your partners. The top part shows the number of total members.

You have several filters to be able to go only to the partners you need, such as name, email or subscription status (among others).

2. Options per partner

Each periodic contribution has an options button on the right from where you can access all the available information and carry out certain procedures.

- See details: From this option you can access all the information available about this subscriber: personal data, subscription data, charges made... It is only an information panel. If we wish to modify any of these data, we must do so from its corresponding place.

- Modify subscription: From here you can modify the amount, the periodicity and the language of the communications for this subscriber.

- Modify SEPA subscription mandate: In the event of needing to change the user account number.

- Cancel subscription 

- Unlock subscription: periodic payments are made automatically. If one of these payments cannot be made, the account is blocked. This can occur for several reasons, but the most frequent are usually due to expired card or lack of funds in the account at the time of payment. Before unlocking the account, we recommend that you check this information with the donor and / or bank to confirm that the payment can be made correctly.

 * OTHER MODIFICATIONS: There are other options and modifications of the subscriber that we cannot do from here. We explain how to proceed in each case:

- Modify any personal data, such as telephone number or address. To modify these data we will have to do it from the Contributions area. Search for your partner by email or name. Once filtered you will be able to see all the payments of your subscription. Access the oldest one by clicking on the Options> Payment details button and from there it will be modified for the following charges.

- Modify the bank card number: this option is only allowed by certain payment gateways such as: Paypal or Stripe. If the payment was with any of those gateways, the donor can update their card details from their personal area. 

3. General options

You can also do certain actions and managements at a global level. Here we give you a brief explanation of each of them.

- Import donors: If you have a list of partners in which your payments are made offline, you can enter them in the software to be able to start doing it from our platform.

Download the import template by clicking on Management> Periodic Contributions> Options> Download Donor contribution template

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-22 a las 15.33.04

All columns are required.

- Export periodic donations: from here you can download a report with the data of all subscriptions. You can filter and add the data from other campaigns to generate a report more adapted to your needs.

- Notifications: Now you can have notifications to your email for certain actions that are carried out with respect to donors:

* Subscription blocked;

* Subscription canceled;

* Card expired or about to expire (only available for Paypal, Braintree and Stripe);

* Payment with dispute.

You can sign up for these subscriptions by clicking on Management> Periodic contributions> Options> Notifications.

Add as many users as you need for each subscription.


And ready!

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