Import of periodic donations

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Last Updated: 6 months ago

In order to import your periodic donations that until now were managed outside our platform, you need two fundamental things:

- Have Stripe as a payment gateway, and have SEPA debits activated

- Have sufficient data on donors to be able to fill in our import template.


Here's how to do it.

Once you access your campaign, go to Management> Periodic contributions> Options> Download donor import template.

By clicking on this option, you will be downloaded an Excel template where you must fill in the data of the donors to import.

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Once we have the template ready we will access the same Options button and this time we will click on Import Donors. The process is automatic and immediate. However, the SEPA debit charge is not and it may take up to 15 days to be charged.

While this is being collected or not, and pending confirmation from the bank, these donations will appear in the "Pending contributions" section. Once they are confirmed, you will be able to see them in the "Contributions" area along with the rest of the donations to your campaign.



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