How to create a Showcase

Sonia Sierra
Last Updated: 8 months ago

In this article we will explain how to create a project showcase. Showcases can be used to show donors the various projects which they can contribute to in one single space.


To get started we recommend that first you have a list of the campaigns which you want to include in the showcase including their ID, name and URL. 

Once you have the campaigns which you want to include ready, create a showcase by going to the BackOffice homepage and click "Create Campaign" under the New Showcase option.


The overall creation of the Showcase page is similar to that of a Landing, you will need to add your page content and configure the settings of your campaign as usual, then to add your campaigns or challenges to your showcase go to Content > Showcase.

Like with all other content blocks, you can edit the title and description of this section and customise the title and background colour by clicking on the "Edit Header" drop down menu on the top left hand corner.



Next by clicking on "Add¨ we can add our campaigns to our Showcase.


There are 3 ways that you can display your campaign in a showcase:

 1.You can create a showcase where you customise the thumbnail, title, description and the CTA button.

2. You can create a showcase where the it shows the amount each campaign has raised. In this case these amounts will contribute to the overall progress bar shown on on the Showcase Header.

To add challenges or campaigns you must select the select from the Campaign dropdown the campaign which you wish to be associated. 


 As you see the image above, in this case each project added shows not only the image, description etc. but also the total fundraised, objective and the number of donors.


Please note that:

  • Only landings, e-commerce and showcases can show the progress bar, total  raised and number of donors. This means that if a Form is added to a showcase, the amount fundraised in that campaign will not be shown or contribute to the overall total of the showcase.

  • You can configure the information which shows in the header of the Showcase going to Content > General Configuration

  • The cumulative total of the campaigns will the sum of those added and any donations made directly on the showcase page.

  • The goal of the showcase will be the sum of the objectives of all the campaigns added plus the goal of the showcase itself.

  • The currency shown in the header will be that which is used in the whole showcase. 


3.  If needed, it is posible to combine the above options. As such you can have within your showcase both campaigns where you show how much has been raised (which will contribute to the total of the showcase) and others which simply show the image and description of the project. 


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