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Web hosting is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web.

We do the hosting provided a space for customers to upload their campaigns to a sub-domain

Why is it interesting to create a hosting on StockCrowd?

For organizations, using our servers to have published campaigns have 2 advantages:

805- we guarantee to endure important traffic peaks

2- help the fundraising team not to depend on the IT team to update pages and campaigns. This is because we have 100% control because the campaigns are on our servers.

Technical requirements

Next, we list the resources necessary for the integration of your own domain.

805. Domain:

.-It can be a “domain” of its own or a “subdomain of the organization”.

.-FAVICON: URL indicating the ICON associated with the domain (small image associated with the organization).
.-Do not forget to configure the domain / subdomain with the www. Some browsers don't do well without them.

2. DNS: the domain or subdomain must point> (meaning your actual purchased url)->CNAME (meaning your actual purchased url)-> CNAME

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3. SSL:

StockCrowd manages the SSL certificate.

*4. Facebook:
 For the integration with Facebook you need to configure an application with the basic permissions. If you need more data to integrate with Facebook, write to us!



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