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  1. What is Stripe?

Stripe is a technology company whose software enables individuals and businesses to receive payments online. It provides the technical, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure necessary to operate online payment systems.

  1. Stripe Rates:
  • Cost for non-profit:
  • 2% + € 0.25 per successful transaction with a Spain / Europe card
  • 7% + € 0.25 per successful transaction with international card and AMEX


  1. How can organizations qualify for the NON Profit rates?

They must write to and indicate:

  • Testify you are a non-profit organization
  • Attach the certificate that accredits them as such
  • Indicate that you work with StockCrowd.


  1. How to activate Stripe?

Stripe Home


Step 805 | Click on “Viewing Test Data:


Step 2 | Click on the link "Activate your Account"

Step 3 | Fill in all the information fields:

a: about the organization

b: about what they do

c: about the person responsible for the account

d: about the information that will appear on the receipt of the people who donate

e: about the account where they want it to be go the money.

Once the information is completed, the account will be activated


How to access the keys?

In the menu on the left go to Developers and then to API keys

Make sure that the keys you are accessing at the top right are those of the real environment. To do this, the selector must be located as follows:

Copy and paste the public key and the private key in the StockCrowd BackOffice by accessing your campaign> Configuration> Payment Gateways> Stripe

Remember that you only have to activate SEPA Debits and transfers through SOFORT in our BackOffice, if you have already activated it in your Stripe account



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