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If you have chosen Paypal as the payment method for your campaign, here, we will show you how to configure it quickly and easily.

  1. Register a Paypal Business account
  2. Enter the keys in the Stockcrowd software


  1.  Register a Paypal Business account

Once you get to the Paypal home page, you must click on '' Create account '' at the top of the page.


Then, you have to select the type of account, the one that interests you will be '' Business '' and click on '' Continue ‘‘.

Next, you must enter your company email and create a password.

Once finished, you will have to click on “continue"


A section will be displayed with several fields to complete, fill in the necessary ones, and click on "Accept and continue" when everything is ready:


The next step is to fill in the type of company and configure the corresponding category and subcategories:


When you have finished filling in and you have clicked on "Continue", you will have to complete the Owner information:


Subsequently, the data of the person in charge of the company or Beneficiary must be completed.

You almost have it! If everything went well during the registration process (surely it did) you will receive an email from PayPal, and you will have to click on the link in the PayPal email to verify your Email.

Enter your password and click '' Confirm ''


With this, we would already have the account created and it would only be necessary to configure the last points that will allow you to comfortably manage your payments:

  • Set up payments.
  • Set up the account.
  • Confirm the bank account.

  1.  Enter the keys in the Stockcrowd software

If you have already finished the process of registering your Paypal Business account, or if you already had it, the next step is to access the API keys within your Paypal account to be able to enter them in the Stockcrowd BackOffice. To access them follow these simple steps:


Step 805 | Access your Paypal account using your username and password.

Step 2 | Click on Tools at the bottom, click in the option all tools, go to API credentials, and click in the open bottom.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 16.31.43

Step 3 | Access the keys

Once inside Access API, go to the third of the options “Integration of the NVP or SOAP APIs (classic)" and click on “Manage API credentials"

At this point, it is likely that a verification code will be sent to the mobile phone registered in the Paypal account that will allow you to access the keys.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 16.27.00

Step 4 | Keys

Now you will be able to see the necessary data to configure Paypal as a payment method in your campaign.

You will need to copy the 3 data that you can see when clicking on the "Show" links:

  • API username
  • API password
  • API signature

Step 5 | Enter the keys in Stockcrowd

Once we have the Paypal keys, we will enter our campaign by clicking on the select button. Once inside the campaign, all the available options will be displayed. Click on Settings-> Payment Gateways-> Paypal

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 10.09.53

Enter the passwords and click on Save changes.



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